CCTV Security


Video Intercom



Access Control

Examination of the object before setting the alarm.

At a convenient time for you, our specialist travels to the object to form the terms of reference for the surveillance system, which includes the definition of areas of responsibility, to discuss the technical characteristics of the future system, in appearance wishes equipment.

Surveillance 24/7.

Our company has all the necessary permits to conduct the installation of security systems operations and engineering staff regularly undergo training and certification of equipment manufacturers. We give you ability to record all activity 24 x 7.

Expert level of service.

Our specialists have a service warranty and service the equipment purchased, as well as amenities such as free phone service customer support. Given the experience of our experts, you can be sure of a professional, timely completion of all installation work on your site surveillance and/or security systems..

Quickly at any point.

Our rapid response team arriving at any point for 3-7 minutes, because we have 7 offices in the city.